Concise Separations specializes in the synthesis of polymeric beads, latexes, linear polymers, as well as functionalization of beads in unique ways for the manufacture of HPLC columns in the Biofuels, Food and Beverage, Water Analysis and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing markets.


Founded in 1984, the Company has operated for over 30 years at a single facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA). Concise Separations is a leading provider of specialty chromatography resins and HPLC columns for research and quality control analysis.


Concise Separations’ resins and columns are preferred by customers globally due to consistent, high resolution separation with long usable life. Concise Separations is uniquely qualified to develop customized resins and columns for individual needs, helping hundreds of labs to optimize their daily workflows.


Bio Fuels


Concise Separations offers a variety of columns that have been used during different steps in processing and development of bio fuels. We offer quick acid/sugar analysis columns as well as lead based columns to help identify all components in a sample. Please note that we can custom make a column to best fit YOUR separation needs.


The chemists at Concise Separations designed a unique polystyrene divinylbenzene sphere that are functionalized for superior selectivity of single/double stranded DNA, Oligonucleotides and RNA.

Amino Acids


Concise Separations manufactures amino acid HPLC columns that combine a high degree of resolution with the necessary reproducibility to allow for comprehensive analysis of complex amino acid samples.

Sample Preparation

Concise Separations bulk polymer has been used in sample prep devices for decades. We offer our own POLYSorb line of easy to use SPE Cartridges. All of Concise Separations’ polymer is available in bulk quantities.

Reversed Phase Analysis


Concise Separation’s pure polymer synthesis technique gives rise to exceptional reversed phase columns. No need for shielding or extravagant coatings as these highly cross linked spheres are pH stable from 0 to 14….Forever.

Organic Acid

Concise Separations offers a variety of Ion Exclusion columns that were created to separate sugars, sugar alcohols, acids and alcohols in the same run.

Ion Chomatography


Concise Separations offers IC columns based on carbonate or salicylic acid eluent in an array of capacities to optimize your separation needs.

Carbohydrate Analysis

Concise offers the correct tool for every sugar assay because we have designed the largest range of carbohydrate columns to dial in your separation.