ChromLab Trading – F.Z.E. “marketing” policy is built on “happy client”.

Our relations with our customers are based on long-term “partnership”.

Our partnership starts from the first day of communication and continues with the generation of the appropriate solution.

The “usage process”, which begins with the completion of the installation of the systems, is not a stage where the partnership ends, but the “support” stage where the partnership is maintained more closely.

At this stage, keeping the promises made, fulfilling the commitments, providing application support, preventive maintenance and repair if necessary, and providing appropriate and economical consumables and spare parts in a “short” time are the basic requirements for creating “happy users”.



Our Vision :

  • Contributing to the development of countries by bringing different approaches and expansions to the sector •
  • Become different with our understanding of service •
  • Being competitive with own improving strategies •
  • Staying true to our values in all our activities •
  • Using our experiences to reach our goals •


Our Mission :

Experience is a quality that is acquired over a long period of time, requires a lot of work, and is often difficult to share. chromlab trading has adopted the “mission” of bringing the right technologies to countries by sharing its experience in the industry with those in need..

In this context, it serves its mission with the right advice by seriously evaluating every need related to the sector without expecting any benefit.