Gastec Detector Tubes

Gas Sampling Pump Kit



Gas sampling pump kit is used as setting a detector tube and aspirating air sample with pulling out handle. The detector tubes indicate concentrations directly by way of a calibrated scale printed on the tubes. The body of the gas sampling pump is soft and enables smoothly operation. The sampling pump installing a tip breaker (break of the both end of the detector tube before measurement) and a finish indicator that alerts the end of measurement. The pump accessories (3 rubber inlets and lubricant) as well as the instruction sheet are provided in a convenient shoulder bag.

Gas Smapling Pump Kit GC-100S (Handy Type)Sampler (pump), Leather Bag, Grease, Inlet Rubber1unit1065-94100
Gas Smapling Pump Kit GC-100LS (Shoulder-Case Type)Sampler (pump), Leather Bag, Grease, Inlet Rubber1unit1065-94150


Robber CapsDTP-1-20(blue), for 7mm O.D. tubes20pcs1065-94110
Robber CapsDTP-2-20(pink)for common tubes20pcs1065-94111