A manufacturer of HPLC Columns and Chromatography Accessories, MicroSolv is a privately held company based in the USA. We acquire, develop and manufacture different technologies such as Cogent TYPE-C™ HPLC columns, RSA™ autosampler vials, pharmaceutical grade syringe filters, HPLC fittings, other types of chromatography accessories and supplies including stainless steel frits and filters and many other tools for the Separation Sciences. We serve chemistry, medical and clinical R&D, environmental, forensic and biological laboratories worldwide through our distribution network which includes Cornerstone Scientific in North America, VWR, Moricon Co., Ltd, PM Separations, RiKi Global Trading PVT and others throughout the world. We also serve a host of OEM clients.

Our industry expertise combines science with product innovation and a culture of excellence to offer our customers an extremely good overall experience with products that are highly effective.

Originating as a Capillary Electrophoresis product line in 1992 by Scientific Resources, Inc. (SRi), MicroSolv was formally organized as a corporation in 1997. In 2022 MicroSolv acquired Applied Research GmbH and European Porous Products SE. Both companies were merged into our North Carolina facility.


AQ™ Syringe Filters

RSA™ Vials, Caps & Inserts

HPLC Columns