Mitsubishi Chemical aim to resolve the issues of people, society and our planet Earth in pursuit of a sustainable future.


Through the power of chemistry, we will save the earth and create a new future together with you.


Mitsubishi Chemical supplies a diverse range of goods, from materials to functional products. In doing so, not only does it support the foundations of various industries, it also provides solutions that contribute to solving a wide range of social issues.


Main Initiatives are GHG Reduction, Carbon Cycle, Food and Water Supply, Digital Society Infrastructure and Human Interface.


In addition to developing their own technologies, they are working with a variety of partners to achieve sustainable resources and energy recycling.



  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Basic Petrochemicals
  • Solvents
  • MMA Monomer & Derivatives
  • Acrylonitrile & Related Products

Polymers / Resins / High Performance Chemicals

Film & Sheet / Molding
/ Composite

Carbon / Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials

Inorganic Products
Environment & Living Solutions

HPLC packed columns MCI GEL

MCI GEL (HPLC packed columns)
These are HPLC separation columns that achieve high-resolution separations utilizing our proprietary column packing technology that features the high-quality MCI™ GEL packing material. MCI GEL packed columns serve application fields such as amino acid analysis, protein analysis, common organic compound analysis, and ion chromatography.