Molcan Corporation is involved in design, research, development and production of fine chemicals, API related compounds, impurities, intermediates, metabolites, internal standards etc. using chemical synthesis and bio-fermentation processes.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and related products can be produced by chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation or isolation from natural sources. Most API’s are small organic molecules that are usually manufactured by using synthetic processes, however, organic synthesis has created major concerns due to possibility of environmental pollution. To some extent, it’s not economical or not possible to produce many small or large organic molecules or biochemicals using conventional chemical processes. To this end, biotechnology including microbial fermentation has been playing more and more important role in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Their strengths in microbial fermentation, organic synthesis and natural products chemistry allow us to bring thousands of niche molecules from laboratory to the market place in relatively short period of time. Their R&D and production facilities are well equipped and supported with experienced scientific, engineering and quality assurance teams.

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