HPLC special columns

Environmental Analysis: Reliable determination of pesticides with MZ-PBM


MZ-PBM HPLC columns have been specially developed and optimized for the determination of nitrogenous plant protection products according to DIN 38407-F12.


MZ-PBM HPLC columns are characterized by the following properties:

  • Excellent selectivity for nitrogenous pesticides
  • High efficiency: more than 110,000 theoretical plates/m
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility thanks to a special modification process
  • Long life span
  • Column dimensions:
    – 2.1 x 250 mm
    – 3.0 x 250 mm
    – 4.0 x 250 mm, as well as pre-column cartridges.

Separation of 38 pesticides. Column: MZ-PBM C18 3μm 150x3mm