GL Sciences Inc. was established in 1968 in Japan and is now one of the leading suppliers of HPLC and GC consumables in Japan. GL Sciences began exporting Inertsil HPLC columns into the United States on a large scale in the early 1990s, and their primary trademarked product, Inertsil, quickly became recognized as on of the very best columns on the market.

Today, GL Sciences, Inc. has headquarters in Japan, an office in U.S. and around 50 distributors worldwide. GL Sciences has introduced huge new range of products for HPLC, LC/MS, Ultra HPLC, samples preparation, and proteomics that are helping to establish GL Sciences as a major HPLC consumables provider of the world.

GLSciences looks forward to serving the separations industry with the finest and most useful products that they can while moving quickly into the future.

ChromLab is the official distributor for GL-Science in Cyprus , Iraqi Kurdistan , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Syria , Lebanon , Oman , Qatar .



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