Monolithic Material Sorptive Extraction MonoTrap

MonoTrap is high purity silica gel having the large surface area provided by the three dimensional silica monolith’s network of through pores and mesopores. It is a newly-developed, state-of-the-art sorptive media, offers unmatched adsorption and desorption efficiency. It is suitable both liquid and air samples. The concentration and extraction way using monolithic silica is named MMSE.

MMSE =Monolithic Material Sorptive Extraction


  • Can be used directly after opening, no conditioning
  • Multiple Sampling way
  • Selectivity of Solvent Extraction and Thermal Desorption



Absorbent, Functional Group, Base Gel

Active Carbon
Graphite Carbon
ODS Function (C18)
MonoTrap DCC18
MonoTrap RCC18
MonoTrap DSC18
MonoTrap RSC18
MonoTrap RGC18 TD
MonoTrap RSC18 TD
MonoTrap RGPS TD

MonoTrap DCC1810mm1mmSolvent ExtractionDisk50pcs1050-72101
MonoTrap RCC182.9mm5mmSolvent ExtractionRod50pcs1050-72201
MonoTrap DSC1810mm1mmSolvent ExtractionDisk50pcs1050-71101
MonoTrap RSC182.9mm5mmSolvent ExtractionRod50pcs1050-71201
MonoTrap RGC18 TD2.9mm10mmThermal DesorptionRod30pcs1050-74201
MonoTrap RSC18 TD2.9mm10mmThermal DesorptionRod30pcs1050-73201
MonoTrap RGPS TD2.9mm10mmThermal DesorptionRod30pcs1050-74202