Aluminum Bag

アルミニウムバッグ (フィルム厚 120µm)

Aluminum Bag (Film thickness : 120 µm)

Aluminum Bag is made of foil laminated film with 5 layered (from outer: nylon, polyethylene, alum foil and polyethylene, polyethylene). Having good permeation resistance to permanent inorganic gases, methane and strong mechanical strength. It is suitable for sample needed shielding. Aluminum Bag is relatively high absorptivity to high boiling point organic compounds, and there are few elution of organic compounds from this bags. There are various line-up large size from 20 L to 200 L as a total : from 1 L to 200 L.


  • Foill aminated film with 5 layered (from outer: nylon, polyethylene, alum foil and polyethylene, polyethylene)
  • Good permeation resistance to permanent gases, methane
  • Maximum operating temperature : 65 ºC
  • Film thickness : 120 µm
  • Application : inorganic gases

DescriptionVolumeManufacturer P/NQty.Cat.No.
Aluminum Bag1LAA-11pc3008-26101
Aluminum Bag1LAAK-11pc3008-26201
Aluminum Bag1LCCK-11pc3008-26301
Aluminum Bag1LCEK-11pc3008-26401
Aluminum Bag2LAA-21pc3008-26102
Aluminum Bag2LAAK-21pc3008-26202
Aluminum Bag2LCCK-21pc3008-26302
Aluminum Bag2LCEK-21pc3008-26402
Aluminum Bag3LAA-31pc3008-26103
Aluminum Bag3LAAK-31pc3008-26203
Aluminum Bag3LCCK-31pc3008-26303
Aluminum Bag3LCEK-31pc3008-26403
Aluminum Bag5LAA-51pc3008-26105
Aluminum Bag5LAAK-51pc3008-26205
Aluminum Bag5LCCK-51pc3008-26305
Aluminum Bag5LCEK-51pc3008-26405
Aluminum Bag10LAA-101pc3008-26110
Aluminum Bag10LAAK-101pc3008-26210
Aluminum Bag10LCCK-101pc3008-26310
Aluminum Bag10LCEK-101pc3008-26410
Aluminum Bag20LAAK-201pc3008-26220
Aluminum Bag20LCCK-201pc3008-26320
Aluminum Bag20LCEK-201pc3008-26420
Aluminum Bag20LAA8-201pc3008-28520
Aluminum Bag30LAAK-301pc3008-26230
Aluminum Bag30LCCK-301pc3008-26330
Aluminum Bag30LCEK-301pc3008-26430
Aluminum Bag30LAA8-301pc3008-28530
Aluminum Bag50LAAK-501pc3008-26250
Aluminum Bag50LCCK-501pc3008-26350
Aluminum Bag50LAA8-501pc3008-28550
Aluminum Bag50LAAJ8-501pc3008-28650
Aluminum Bag50LCCJ8-501pc3008-28750
Aluminum Bag50LAAP8-501pc3008-28850
Aluminum Bag100LAA8-1001pc3008-28591
Aluminum Bag100LAAJ8-1001pc3008-28691
Aluminum Bag100LCCJ8-1001pc3008-28791
Aluminum Bag100LAAP8-1001pc3008-28891
Aluminum Bag200LAA8-2001pc3008-28592
Aluminum Bag200LAAJ8-2001pc3008-28692
Aluminum Bag200LCCJ8-2001pc3008-28792
Aluminum Bag200LAAP8-2001pc3008-28892