Odor Bag

Triangle odor bag method for odor sensory measurement is a measurement using calculation formula of odor index related to dilution of sample concentrations. The sensory test is conducted by at least 6 members of the panel. Each panel is given 3 bags; 1 with a sample in it and 2 without sample (odor-free air) and asked to choose the odorous bag. If the panel can tell the correct bag, the odor is then diluted and the test is continued until it becomes impossible to identify the bag with odor.

This method is conducted by three steps: (1) selection of panels, (2) Sampling, (3) Sensory test.
GL sciences provide tools following these procedures.


Odor Bag

Film is made of polyester (polyethylene terephthalic acid ester), having high preserving property and no odor, thus this is suitable for Triangle odor bag method for odor sensory measurement because it is needed odorless. This film thickness is 25 µm, so this have good durability


Nose Pad


Sealing Welding seal
Thickness 25 µm
Materials of inside and outside Hard Glass 10 mm (I.D.) x 12 mm (O.D.)
Material Polyester
Size 250 mm x 280 mm
Capacity Volume 3 L

Sniff Bag3LNo.1~3 100pcs each300pcs3008-31130
Sniff Bag3Lwithout No.100pcs3008-31030
Sniff Bag10Lwithout No.1pc3008-31500
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