Tedlar Bag



Tedlar Bag is suitable for various compounds from permanent gases to organic solvent gases, but have a little bit problem. For example, the left figure shows permeation rate of O2, N2, CH4 and CO2 was measured using a permeation rate measurement system (LYSSY GPM-250) on Tedlar Bag. From the result of this, permeation of CO2 is much larger than that of CH4 and N2. This tendency can be seen in organic solvent gas, and butanol and butyl acetate have relatively high permeability. Thus, Tedler bags may not always be optimal depending on the composition of the sample gases.


  • Made of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film
  • Maximum operating temperature : 100 ºC
  • Film thickness : 50 µm
    • Application: inorganic gas, organic solvent, etc.

Manufacturer P/N
Tedlar Bag1LAA-110pcs3008-96101
Tedlar Bag5LAA-510pcs3008-96105
Tedlar Bag10LAA-1010pcs3008-96110
Tedlar Bag1LAA-11pc3008-11101
Tedlar Bag1LAAK-11pc3008-91101
Tedlar Bag1LAAS-11pc3008-11701
Tedlar Bag1LAB-11pc3008-11201
Tedlar Bag1LCC-11pc3008-13301
Tedlar Bag1LCCK-11pc3008-93301
Tedlar Bag1LCCS-11pc3008-13801
Tedlar Bag1LCD-11pc3008-13401
Tedlar Bag1LCE-11pc3008-13501
Tedlar Bag1LCEK-11pc3008-93501
Tedlar Bag1LEE-11pc3008-15501
Tedlar Bag1LEEK-11pc3008-95501
Tedlar Bag2LAA-21pc3008-11102
Tedlar Bag2LAAK-21pc3008-91102
Tedlar Bag2LAAS-21pc3008-11702
Tedlar Bag2LAB-21pc3008-11202
Tedlar Bag2LCC-21pc3008-13302
Tedlar Bag2LCCK-21pc3008-93302
Tedlar Bag2LCCS-21pc3008-13802
Tedlar Bag2LCD-21pc3008-13402
Tedlar Bag2LCE-21pc3008-13502
Tedlar Bag2LCEK-21pc3008-93502
Tedlar Bag2LEE-21pc3008-15502
Tedlar Bag2LEEK-21pc3008-95502
Tedlar Bag3LAA-31pc3008-11103
Tedlar Bag3LAAK-31pc3008-91103
Tedlar Bag3LAAS-31pc3008-11703
Tedlar Bag3LAB-31pc3008-11203
Tedlar Bag3LCC-31pc3008-13303
Tedlar Bag3LCCK-31pc3008-93303
Tedlar Bag3LCCS-31pc3008-13803
Tedlar Bag3LCD-31pc3008-13403
Tedlar Bag3LCE-31pc3008-13503
Tedlar Bag3LCEK-31pc3008-93503
Tedlar Bag3LEE-31pc3008-15503
Tedlar Bag3LEEK-31pc3008-95503
Tedlar Bag5LAA-51pc3008-11105
Tedlar Bag5LAAK-51pc3008-91105
Tedlar Bag5LAAS-51pc3008-11705
Tedlar Bag5LAB-51pc3008-11205
Tedlar Bag5LCC-51pc3008-13305
Tedlar Bag5LCCK-51pc3008-93305
Tedlar Bag5LCCS-51pc3008-13805
Tedlar Bag5LCD-51pc3008-13405
Tedlar Bag5LCE-51pc3008-13505
Tedlar Bag5LCEK-51pc3008-93505
Tedlar Bag5LEE-51pc3008-15505
Tedlar Bag5LEEK-51pc3008-95505
Tedlar Bag10LAA-101pc3008-11110
Tedlar Bag10LAAK-101pc3008-91110
Tedlar Bag10LAAS-101pc3008-11710
Tedlar Bag10LAB-101pc3008-11210
Tedlar Bag10LCC-101pc3008-13310
Tedlar Bag10LCCK-101pc3008-93310
Tedlar Bag10LCCS-101pc3008-13810
Tedlar Bag10LCD-101pc3008-13410
Tedlar Bag10LCE-101pc3008-13510
Tedlar Bag10LCEK-101pc3008-93510
Tedlar Bag10LEE-101pc3008-15510
Tedlar Bag10LEEK-101pc3008-95510
Washed Tedlar Bag

From the reason of its cost performance and easy-to use, Tedlar Bag is often used for sampling bag method of measurement of VOCs generated from automotive interior materials. However, it is needed to wash inner of Tedlar Bag before use because N,N-dimethylacetamide and phenol as blank materials generated from the bag itself. The method of cleaning takes a lot of time and cost because it involves encapsulating nitrogen gas, heating it for a long time, and then removing the nitrogen gas from the bag several times. For this reason, we have launched Cleaned Tedler Bags, which dramatically reduce the composition of blanks. Cleaned Tedler Bags are powerful for measuring the use of bags for sample collection, such as sampling bag method, working environment measurement, analysis of substances regulated by offensive odors, and measurement of VOC emission control system.

DescriptionVolumeManufacturer P/NQty.Cat.No.
Conditioned Tedlar Bag10LAAK-1010pcs3008-20010