MonoSpin ProA, MonoSpin ProG

MonoSpin ProA, MonoSpin ProG are immobilized with protein A or protein G onto a silica monolith offering rapid purification of antibodies. The silica is modified with a hydrophilic polymer and then immobilized with either Protein A or Protein G to prevent the adsorption of protein, resulting in rapid purification and high recovery or antibodies.


Product Configurations
Spin Column Type
L Type
96-well Plates Type
Sample Volume
50 µL - 500 µL
< 8 mL
50 µL - 500 µL
Eluent Volume
50 µL<
2 mL <
50 µL <
Antibody Loading Volume
400 µg
16 mg
400 µg
300 µg
12 mg
300 µg
Set to 1.7 mL and 2 mL micro-tube and purify with centrifuge.
Set to 50 mL centrifuge tube using adapter and purify with centrifuge.
Purify with centrifuge or decompression suction system.
Process Time
10 mins
20 mins
10 mins



Column Type


L Type


96-well Plates Type

How to use monospin

Antibody purification within 10 mins


Compare to conventional soft gels, using hard silica monolith as a support it can get a high-speed processing. Only 10 mins antibody can be purified by centrifuge.




MonoSpin ProA, 90 % recovery rate of IgG (maximum 0.4 mg).
MonoSpin ProG, 90 % recovery rate of IgG (maximum 0.3 mg).
MonoSpin ProG enables to recover and purify IgG3 which ProA cannot.

Relation between amount of IgG addiction and collected antibodies (MonoSpin ProA (left), ProG (right))

More than 90 % Recovery Rate realized with 100 µL eluent


MonoSpin ProA only requires 100 µL elution buffer, providing a recovery rate of at least 90 % IgG. On the other hand, other brands’ products requires 400 µL of elution buffer with a recovery rate of 70 % IgG.


Stable Recovery Rates and Reliable Reproducibility


Using MonoSpin 96-well Plates, antibody were purified from cultured CHO cells. It provided a stable recovery rates and reproducibility.


Result of antibody purification on 96-well Plates


The absorbance of the eluate was measured by MonoSpinProA 96WP purification using a sample of human polyclonal antibody added to the adsorption solution. Each well can be purified without variability.

Antibody additional volume 0.01 mg – 1.6 mg (100 µL repeat 2 times)
Wash: 1M NaCl-phosphoric buffer
(pH=7, 100 µL repeat 2 times)
Eluent : 0.1 M Citric acid buffer
(pH=3, 60 µL repeat 3 times)
Suction Conditions: 0.016 MPa (0.16 bar)


Possible to concentration of week sample with continuous flow


500 μL volume of 0.025 mg/mL of human IgG solution was applied to MonoSpin ProA spin column (ten consecutive times). Then, the elution of IgG concentration was measured with 100 μL elution buffer twice (E1 and E2). The first IgG elution (E1) was 50-fold concentration of the stock solution and showed 90 % recovery of IgG without the loss of IgG.



MonoSpin ProA Column TypeRefrigerate10pcs7510-11310
MonoSpin ProG Column TypeRefrigerate10pcs7510-11311
MonoSpin ProA 96-Well Plate TypeRefrigerate1pc7510-11312
MonoSpin ProG 96-Well Plate TypeRefrigerate1pc7510-11313
MonoSpin L ProARefrigerate4pcs7510-11314
MonoSpin L ProGRefrigerate4pcs7510-11315
MonoSpin ProA/G Buffer kitRefrigerate1/pk7510-11316