One-Touch Fittings (Unions)

A cross-sectional view of One-Touch Fitting Elbow




Available Tube FEP, PFA, Nylon, Soft Niylon*1
Fluid Air, Water*2
Operating Pressure Range -0.1 MPa – 1 MPa
Maximum Pressure 3 MPa
Ambient & Fluid Temperature Air: -5 ºC – 60 ºC
Water: 0 ºC – 40 ºC (Not to freeze)


Parts Material


Body C3604, PBT
Stud C3604 (Thread portion)
Chuck SUS304
Guide SUS304, C3604, PBT
Release Button POM
Seal, O-Ring NBR
Gasket SUS304, NBR


*1: In case of using Soft Nyron, do not use water.
*2: In case of flowing water, do not use under maximum pressure.
*3: In case of flowing water, available temperature is 0 to 40 ºC without freezing.
Do not use the fittings with a leak tester or for vacuum retention.

DescriptionApplicable Tubing O.D.
Manufacturer P/NQty.Cat.No.
One-Touch Fitting Union4mmKQ-4U5pcs3006-83445
One-Touch Fitting Union6mmKQ-6U5pcs3006-83665
One-Touch Fitting Union8mmKQ-8U5pcs3006-83885
One-Touch Fitting Union1/8in.KQ-1/8U5pcs3006-83115
One-Touch Fitting Union1/4in.KQ-1/4U5pcs3006-83225
One-Touch Fitting Union4mmKQ-4U10pcs3006-83449
One-Touch Fitting Union6mmKQ-6U10pcs3006-83669
One-Touch Fitting Union8mmKQ-8U10pcs3006-83889
One-Touch Fitting Union1/8in.KQ-1/8U10pcs3006-83119
One-Touch Fitting Union1/4in.KQ-1/4U10pcs3006-83229