Sulfinert Fittings (Female Connectors)

The ultimate passivation of treated surfaces, from glass to high nickel alloy of steel which is ideal for sulfurs, automotive exhaust testing, or stack gas sampling is adopted. Sulfinert is a required treatment for metal components when analyzing for parts-per-billion levels of organo-sulfur compounds.


DescriptionApplicable Tubing O.D.
Manufacturer P/NMaterialScrew Standard
Sulfinert Fitting Female Conncetor1/8in.1/8CF2NSSulfinertNPT1/81pc3006-50064
Sulfinert Fitting Female Conncetor1/8in.1/8CF4NSSulfinertNPT1/41pc3006-50067
Sulfinert Fitting Female Conncetor1/4in.1/4CF2NSSulfinertNPT1/81pc3006-50066
Sulfinert Fitting Female Conncetor1/4in.1/4CF4NSSulfinertNPT1/41pc3006-50065