Cartridges for Aldehyde InertSep AERO DNPH

InertSep mini AERO Series



InertSep mini AERO series are active samplers for the analysis of Aldehydes and Ketones in outdoor gas, car cabin and exhaust gas in compliance with: Offensive Odor Control Law, Clean Air Act, and EPA. There are five types: InertSep mini AERO DNPH, which is lure device type connectable use, InertSep mini AERO DNPH-LG, which is high capacity type, InertSep mini AERO DNPH-HR and AERO OzoneScrubber, AERO SC, which is high adsorption efficiency of Acroleins.


  • InertSep mini AERO DNPH
    • This active sampler is packed with spherical silica coated with 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine reagent for derivatization of Aldehydes and Ketones. The size of 120 µm spherical silica allows air to pass through easily results in high collection efficiency of the target compounds and low blank compared with irregular silica.


  • InertSep mini AERO DNPH-LG
    • InertSep mini AERO DNPH-LG loads 1.8 mg DNPH and have high adsorption efficiency of aldehydes and ketones. This adopts 120 µm spherical silica gel and mini cartridge type as the same as conventional cartridge and you can use with equivalent air permeability, liquid permeability and connection.


  • InertSep mini AERO DNPH-HR
    • InertSep mini AERO DNPH-HR is newly developed spherical silica gel impregnated DNPH. This is newly developed and offers improved efficiency for Acrolein collection, which is difficult with the conventional DNPH cartridges.


  • InertSep mini AERO OzoneScrubber
    • InertSep mini AERO OzoneScrubber is a cartridge loaded potassium iodine to eliminate ozone in air. DNPH derivatization is resolved by ozone and it is known to influence the measurement mainus. Especially, connection of InertSep mini AERO OzoneScrubber to DNPH cartridge when adoption of outdoor air prevent derivatization of DNPH caused by ozone.


  • InertSep mini AER SC
    • InertSep mini AER SC is a cartridge loaded strong cation exchange resin for elimination of unreacted DNPH. In GC analysis, unreacted DNPH disturbs measurement. When extracting samples, the unreacted DNPH can be removed by connecting the InertSep mini AERO SC to the outlet of the DNPH cartridge and extracting it.


* Please use ozone scrubber as needed.


DescriptionColumn DimensionFormatTransportationQty.Cat.No.
InertSep mini AERO DNPH300mgLure DeviceFreeze20pcs5010-23500
InertSep mini AERO DNPH-HR300mgLure DeviceFreeze20pcs5010-23501
InertSep mini AERO DNPH-LG550mgLure DeviceFreeze20pcs5010-23502
InertSep mini AERO OzoneScrubber1.5gLure Device20pcs5010-23510
InertSep mini AERO SC250mgLure Device20pcs5010-23520

Male/Female Lure Union (PP)10pcs5010-52014
Male Lure Union (PP)10pcs5010-52012
Female Lure Union (PP)10pcs5010-52013
Mini Male Lure /Hose Connector for 4mm I.D. Tube (PP)10pcs5010-52017
Mini Female Lure /Hose Connector for 4mm I.D. Tube (PP)10pcs5010-52018