MZ-Analysentechnik GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of HPLC and GPC columns as well as GC columns and accessories for chromatography.

In 1986 the company was taken over by the former chemistry student at the University of Mainz, Dr. Mathäos Chatziathanasiou founded. He had just completed his dissertation on new developments in HPLC column technology with Prof. Dr. Klaus Unger completed. The company proved to be very goal-oriented and was soon successful with its range of HPLC and GPC columns manufactured in-house.

In addition to its own strong brands, the company also sells products from manufacturers who are among the world leaders in the industry. This very wide range of products allows our customers to be optimally advised when looking for the right chromatography column for their needs.


ChromLab is the official distributor for MZ-Analysentechnik GmbH in Cyprus , Iraqi Kurdistan , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Syria , Lebanon , Oman , Qatar .